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  • Jules Hayden

Infant Massage - The Art of Nurturing Touch

Infant massage is the art of nurturing. It encourages loving communication between parents and children alongside positive physical contact, bonding and stimulation of a child’s development.

Massage for babies begins in utero with contractions in labour, once baby is born huge demands are put on new parents to nurture and protect this new life, bonding for some parents does not come naturally. Baby massage can help new parents develop this bond through the art if touch.

Having a baby can be a challenging time; massage can play a vital role in helping wind, colic, sleeping problems as well as helping parents to bond with baby. Massaging babies has been part of many cultures for centuries, the effect of massage for adults has been well known throughout the world however it is only in the last few decades that massage for babies has become more recognised and more mainstream. Touch is as important to a baby as the primal needs of sleep and food.

Baby massage can provide physical and emotional care for babies and caregivers, it has helped thousands of families get ‘in touch’ with each other to share love and affection.

At Mamas Retreat we run regular classes in Infant Massage. This is a 5 weeks course that will teach you how to massage your baby. You will meet other parents & caregivers going through similar challenges to you.

Email me to find out when the next class is.

Infant and baby massage

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