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  • Jules Hayden

Massage in the First Trimester

Massage First Trimester

There is a common misconception that pregnant women should not receive a massage in the first trimester due to risk of miscarriage amongst other things. This specific concern was addressed by the AAMT (Australian Association of Massage Therapists) a governing body for therapists in Australia. They made a decision to support first trimester massage if the massage is undertaken by a trained pregnancy massage practitioner (like myself here at Mamas Retreat). This is a great result for pregnancy massage and the fact that it is supported by a governing body shows how beneficial it can be for new mamas.

I know first-hand what it’s like to be refused massage in the first trimester even though I felt well and it was my second pregnancy. There are many myths around first trimester that are invalid and if you undertake massage by a specialist practitioner like myself at Mamas Retreat it can do wonders to ease the nausea and fatigue and specifically support a Mama in the first trimester – often when they need it the most.

Research presented to the AAMT board showed that the myths surrounding first trimester massage were invalid and Australian mamas had been given the wrong message.

Pregnant women recognise the benefits of massage by a trained pregnancy specialist, including Sonya who has visited Mams Retreat – Sonya was delighted to find a massage therapist who was specialised in pregnancy treatments.

“With my second pregnancy it really knocked me around and being a busy mum I was finding it very hard to keep up with my toddler. I started pregnancy massage treatment very early in my pregnancy and felt amazing, I found I looked forward to having some mama time – my body knew when it needed a massage. I always felt nurtured and cared for at Mamas Retreat.” Sonya said

Benefits of massage in the first trimester include:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Improved sleep pattern and reduce the sense of fatigue

  • Reduced headaches associated with early hormonal changes

  • Reduces hip, back and shoulder pain

  • Stabilises mild nausea

  • Creates a wonderful mother-baby connection.

Look for A Pregnancy Massage Specialist who will know how to support the complex changes of each trimester.

AAMT Guidelines of what to look for when seeking Pregnancy Massage Specialist:

  • Formal training in Pregnancy Massage

  • Therapist communicates with understanding and confidence in relation to the changes happening in pregnancy

  • Clients are presented with a “Pregnancy Massage Client Health Form” – detailing the changes you may be experiencing in pregnancy

  • The clinic is properly set-up, including the massage table which is set-up to support the changes and discomforts of pregnancy

  • The treatment is designed to meet women’s body changes – it is common in the first trimester to have more sensitivity therefore the massage pressure must be reduced

  • A Pregnancy Massage Specialist will give you tips on posture to help reduce onset of muscle and joint pain and information on general health in pregnancy

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