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  • Jules Hayden

Yoni Steaming

Want to get steamy?

Steaming ancient practice of allowing the warmth of herbal steam to softly permeate the exterior of your vagina. Yoni is a Sanskrit word meaning vagina, womb and origin of life. It is the symbol of the Goddess (Shakti or Devi), the Hindu Divine Mother. Traditionally these steams have been used to cleanse the womb helping to remove unwanted waste and old lining.

It also helps to encourage the Womb into an open and more upright position and can aid fertility. The use of herbs adds healing benefits to the steam and can nourish tone, cleanse and bring in oxygenated blood to the womb & the reproductive system.

This treatment is a wonderful opportunity to connect back in with your body. It can reduce pain and bloating associated with menses, regulate your menstrual cycle, increase fertility, speed healing, tone after birth, reduce fibroids, cysts, weakness, prolapse & endometriosis. It can also assist with vaginal tearing, episiotomy, C-section scarring as well as heal hemorrhoids, detox the womb & release stored emotions.

Mamas Retreat offers yoni steaming & grows organic healing herbs on site to assist with a variety of ailments.

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