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  • Jules Hayden

Belly Rubs - The Importance of Abdominal Massage as a healing modality

Many people hold tension in their abdomen and when left for a long time it can cause problems with the digestive and reproductive systems of the body. Many traditional massage therapists do not perform abdomen massage as part of a full body massage treatment but it is one of the most powerful areas of the body and a place where our power and energy centre (hara) resides. It is also a place where we hold deep seated tension which can restrict blood, nerve and energy flow. Mamas Retreat has adapted techniques from different massage modalities to become highly effective at getting rid of abdominal tension. These techniques have a long history in many cultures like Japanese shiatsu and Arvigo Mayan therapy. This approach is used to rid the body of tension and encourage proper intestinal function as well as lymph and blood flow.

There are different layers of muscles in the tummy. The outer layer of muscles can become tight through physical stress like playing sports. The deeper layer of muscles found in the small and large intestine are involuntary muscles and can become tight through emotions, stress and toxin build up.

Abdominal Massage

Many people experience nervous sensations as butterflies in the tummy or anxiety as a knot in the stomach. This is because many emotional stressors cause a release of acids and muscular tightening in the abdomen which causes this flicker of energy. With regular abdominal massage the body can transport and absorb nutrients, hormones, blood and oxygen more freely and reduce this sensation.

Too much tension in our centre can cause reproductive problems, menstrual cramps, PMT/PMS, ulcers, and infertility amongst others. This massage can help reposition organs and correct a prolapsed, fallen or tilted uterus as well as alleviating constipation, IBS and digestive upset.

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