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Relaxation Massage


This is not just a massage it is an experience unlike any other. 


I use gentle, fluid strokes to help you into a deep state of relaxation & re-energise your chakras.

My treatments are tailored to each individual with a focus on emotional wellbeing and healing the whole self.

I use a combination of my own custom blended  oils, exercises  and energy work alongside strong massage techniques to help you into a state of bliss.

​This massage not only relaxes it helps resolve dis-ease and imbalance in the physical body to bring balance and a state of wellbeing to the emotional body.


I provide a nourishing and nurturing sanctuary for you to come as you are and leave as a better version of yourself.

Helps Improve Circulation and Lower Stress Levels & Anxiety.

A full body massage incorporating delectable personalised therapeutic grade essential oils & healing reiki hands. I use gentle, fluid strokes to help you into a deep stat...
Relaxation Massage
1 時間
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